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  • 熱烈祝賀武漢長聯來福制藥股份有限公司通過國家高新技術企業、國家食品藥品監督管理局新GMP認證!

          武漢長聯來福制藥股份有限公司位于武漢市漢口堤角都市工業園區,是集外資先進生產科研技術和中國傳統生物制藥為一體的高新技術企業。湖北省大型凍干粉針劑生產廠家,國家食品藥品監督管理局GMP認證企業。 公司主要從事治療心腦血管、感染、糖尿病、呼吸、消化領域的制劑生產和銷售。主要產品有注射用七葉皂苷鈉、注射用阿昔洛韋、注射用炎琥寧、注射用硫辛酸、注射用奧硝唑、凝血酶等近40個品種和規格。

          Located on Dijiao City Industrial Park, Hankou District, Wuhan Changlian Laifu Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company is a joint venture in Hubei Province combining overseas investment advanced production and scientific research technologies with traditional Chinese biochemistry pharmaceutical production together. We are also the large scale of Freeze - dried Powder Injection Manufacturer in Hubei with GMP Certificate issued by State Food and Drug Administration. We primarily focuses on the production and marketing of Medicament for the treatment of cardiocerebral and vascular disease, infection,diabetes,respiratory system and digestive system disease.The main products are about 40 different kinds and specifications which are  Sodium Aescinate for Injection、Aciclovir for Injection、Potassium Sodium Dehydroandroan drographolide Succinate for Injection、Thioctic Acid for Injection、Ornidazole for Injection、Thrombin  etc.

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